About us

The Concert Chorale of New York reflects the harmonies of the vibrant musical culture of New York City. Our choir, comprised of passionate singers from diverse backgrounds, comes together with a shared goal: to share enchanting musical experiences with our audience.

At the heart of our artistic vision lies the belief that music has the power to bridge gaps and convey emotions that reach deeper than words alone. From classical masterpieces to contemporary compositions, our performances are infused with expression and feeling, taking the listener on a journey filled with rich sounds and genuine meaning.

What sets our choir apart is not only the extraordinary talent of our singers but also our commitment to continuous growth and improvement. We strive to consistently reach new heights in our performances and to create an environment where every voice can shine and contribute to the overall magnificence of our sound.

The Concert Chorale of New York is not just an ensemble; we are a family of music enthusiasts who come together to create art that nourishes the soul and uplifts the spirit. Our rehearsals are filled with passion, collaboration, and joy, and this radiates through each of our performances.

We are excited to take our audience on a journey through the world of music, to share moments of beauty and inspiration, and to celebrate the rich musical legacy of New York City. Thank you for being part of our journey and for helping us bring the magic of music to life.